Halloween Tattoos!

September 6, 2016 - Tattoo Design Ideas
Halloween Tattoos!

Halloween has generally been a period of festivity and superstition, landing on the eve of All Saints Day. A typical detachment in the middle of life and demise, it is thought to have begun with the antiquated Celtic celebration of Samhain, when individuals would light campfires and wear ensembles to avoid wandering phantoms.

During the time the occasion has seen a generous change from what started as a Celtic end-of-summer celebration to more group based festivals portrayed by kid and family events, for example, trick or-treating, gatherings and occasions.

Current society has additionally been affected by the season as sure music, design, craftsmanship, and even nourishment have their roots based upon another common idea. Groups like Black Veil Brides, Avenged Sevenfold, The Agonist, and The Misfits have a gothic edge to their music yet convey a message of “having confidence in yourself and letting nobody let you know generally.”

The specialty of the tattoo is likewise profoundly carved into history going back more than 5000 years in Eurasian society. It just appears to be sensible that the two conventions would meet and build a cult audience.

Widely acclaimed as the King of Halloween Tattoos, Shaun Kama has been in the business now for more than 15 years starting with his apprenticeship with the world renown Mark Mahoney at the Original Shamrock Studios. A local of Germany and child of two vietnam veterans, Shaun ventured to California in his adolescent years where he was hired by companions and understudies for his abilities at logo and skateboard plan.

His own tastes as a craftsman drove him to the goth and grotesque, yet his style didn’t begin that way. He started studying the painted works of Norman Rockwell and still records him as one of his fundamental aesthetic influences, despite the fact that a large portion of Kama’s work includes the undead. The one thing these two craftsmen offer is a lively utilization of shading and it’s what makes these tattoos so exceptional.

While calling Vintage Tattoo of Los Angeles, CA his home studio, Shaun additionally conveys his upper class tattoo abilities through a system of shops around California and Nevada.

Shaun’s work can be found in the accompanying pictures alongside work by different craftsmen bringing you 24 psyche blowing Halloween tattoos:

#1 Haunted Thumbs

halloween 1 - Halloween Tattoos!

#2 Tree of Jack O Lanterns

halloween19 - Halloween Tattoos!

#3 Cat in Pumpkins

halloween9 - Halloween Tattoos!

#4 Tat on Back

halloween17 - Halloween Tattoos!

#5 Pumpkin Patch

halloween inkorart - Halloween Tattoos!

#6 Graveyard and Ghosts

halloween4 - Halloween Tattoos!

#7 Nightmare Before Christmas

halloween18 - Halloween Tattoos!

#8 Rose and Pumpkin

halloween8 - Halloween Tattoos!

9# Haunted Sleeve

halloween5 - Halloween Tattoos!

#10 Spooky House

halloween7 - Halloween Tattoos!

#11 Jack O’ Lantern on Fist

halloween3 - Halloween Tattoos!

#12 WereWolf

halloween14 - Halloween Tattoos!


#13 Bride and Groom are Corpses

halloween11 - Halloween Tattoos!

#14 Witches and Spooks

halloween13 - Halloween Tattoos!

#15 The Simpson’s Halloween Special

halloween simpsons - Halloween Tattoos!

#16 Raven and Pumpkin

halloween16 - Halloween Tattoos!

#17 Zombie

halloween10 - Halloween Tattoos!

#18 Trick or Treat

halloween20 - Halloween Tattoos!

#19 Pumpkin on Fire

halloween6 - Halloween Tattoos!

#20 Spooky Moon

halloween2 - Halloween Tattoos!

#21 Baby Ghoul

halloween trick or treat - Halloween Tattoos!

#22 Candy or Else!

halloween23 - Halloween Tattoos!

#23 Angry Spirits

halloween replace creeping ghost - Halloween Tattoos!

#24 The Scarecrow

halloween replace 4 - Halloween Tattoos!


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