100’s of Victoria Beckham Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery

September 6, 2016 - Tattoo Design Ideas
100’s of Victoria Beckham Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery

Victoria Beckham Tattoos (10)

Since today is Wednesday and the time it now, time for an alternate big name tattoo post I thought I would run with previous Spice Girl Victoria “Opulent” Beckham. One of the reason I chose to do her today is a result of the post I composed yesterday about tattoos being trashy or provocative. Presently it ought to be no amazement to individuals that Victoria has a few tattoos and they are in discernible spots. In any case as I would see it the way she holds herself and they state of mind she has her tattoos don’t look trashy to me whatsoever.

Victoria has five tattoos starting now and satisfying her Posh epithet she has kept them tasteful if that bodes well. Her first tattoo is on her lower back and it is five stars. The five begins speak to her, David and their three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Her second tattoo is going down the back of her neck. Victoria and David got these coordinating tattoos on their sixth wedding commemoration. It is in Hebrew and is from the Song of Songs 2:16: I am my dearest and my cherished is mine. Which is you recall Christina Aguilera has this same tattoo.

The third tattoo that Victoria has is MAY 08 1997 in roman numerals tattooed on her wrist. For some odd reason this is the first run through the two had intercourse and Victoria thought it was an extraordinary occasion in her life to be recollected.

The forward tattoo she has is extremely clear as crystal it is the DB on her wrist which remains for her spouse David Beckham.

The last and most current of Victoria’s tattoos is found on her wrist under the Roman numerals. In any case, nobody is stopped certain what is says. To me appears as though it could say De Integra, De Enegra or De Intopa.

100’s of Victoria Beckham Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery

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