100’s of Dwayne Johnson aKa THE ROCK Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery

September 6, 2016 - Tattoo Design Ideas
100’s of Dwayne Johnson aKa THE ROCK  Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery


Dwayne Johnson is a performer and previous expert wrestler (despite everything he shows up for World Wrestling Entertainment). Better known by his wrestling name ‘The Rock’ he made his driving part acting début in the 2001 film ‘The Scorpion King’.

On the quality of that film numerous individuals pronounced that he ought to have adhered to wrestling, however with his expense being the most noteworthy ever paid for a performer in his first featuring part, it appears to be impossible that he was stung by the discriminating gathering.

Albeit not typically unmistakable in his acting parts, anyone who has seen him wrestle will have recognized his tattoos. He has a tattoo on his upper left arm and shoulder speaking to his legacy: “In Polynesian society tattooing is a major thing. It’s my family, my ancestry and history. My little girl’s on here – its called pu’a mana which signifies “quality of a lady” and in my family ladies have dependably stood solid and I regard that.” It’s an exceptionally great outline, and Johnson said that it took sixty hours to ink.

His other tattoo is similarly great, albeit a ton littler. The Rock’s Brahma Bull tattoo is on his upper right arm and demonstrates a somewhat wild looking bull’s head with sparkling red eyes. An impeccable decision for this monster of a man! It likewise speaks to his zodiac indication of Taurus.

The Brahma – otherwise called Brahman – is a type of cows generally utilized for reproducing and as a part of the meat business. The bulls can weigh up to one ton, yet in spite of their gigantic size they are known as astute and accommodating.

100’s of Dwayne Johnson THE ROCK  Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery

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