100’s of Chinese Writing Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

September 6, 2016 - Tattoo Design Ideas
100’s of Chinese Writing Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

Chinese Writing Tattoo - 100’s of Chinese Writing Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

100’s of Chinese Writing Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

Chinese writing is one of the most favorites for the people. It has so many options and also looks decent, if properly and beautifully designed looks very nice. It is most popular among young generation and public figures. On the mind of the people it prints the everlasting unique impressions.
Why Chinese writing is selected for this there are so many reasons lets start from the origin.
Chinese language is one of the ancient languages around more than 3000 years old language and gets updated from time to time. As per last recorded data it has more than 60000 characters.

These all characters are not in regular use but approximately at least 3500 to 4000 characters generally used. Our English or other normal languages are having 26 characters just compare with it.

The interesting part not stops here but begins here. For academic and literature purpose more than 6000 characters are used. Through this so many writing styles and scripts are developed.

Chinese calligraphy is the most used and popular for the art purpose. Learning Chinese calligraphy is not the normal or simple task. It takes many years to learn and develop skills for this. If brush and ink is used for it this artist framework is very decent and nice looking.

Cursive script is one of the most popular for Chinese tattoos writing. It is having curves and flows and even characters are joined with each other. The main aim of these writing is the flow writing.

This is one of the most effective script and very popular among the all. These script writing is not easy to understand or read, it requires special training to read, write and understand it. It is the most artistic and very beautiful Chinese script.
The second one favorite script is running or semi curve style.

The Chinese person or the person having the knowledge strong Chinese language can understand it or translate it. The best feature of this script is pleasing and attractive look. It is very near to normal Chinese language. With few efforts and practice this script is easy to understand for those who use normal Chinese language users.

Another one is seal script but caution before using it. This script is specially designed for the use of legal and government documents. It was not very much popular for tattoos purpose. It is useful for seals and stamps. This script is one of the oldest script and not easy to understand.

This script is having restricted purpose characteristics but still its popularity is rising.
Have you heard about clerical script for tattoo? The most important feature of this script is not used for writing purpose. It is having wider characteristics than height. When this script is designed properly looks very elegant, more attractive and lasts everlasting impression in the viewer’s eye.

100’s of Chinese Writing Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

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