100’s of Chicano Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

September 6, 2016 - Tattoo Design Ideas
100’s of Chicano Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

Chicano - 100's of Chicano Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

100’s of Chicano Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery

Chicano tattoo art emerged within the 40s and 50s in California and southern neighboring states of the u. s. within the Latin community to say ‘ brown pride’. Chicano tattoo styles square measure just like mural and cars paintings, however even have their main specialities. Originally through with a stitching needle and Indian Ink, real Chicano tattoos should solely use black ink. Fine lines square measure used for non secular themes and ladies portraits, whereas daring shadings stand out for letterings, typically 1st names, spanish words or locas (names of birthplace or neighbourhood).

Loyalty to the community, to family, girls and God is Chicano’s art main component. however contrary to vox populi, Chicano tattoo isn’t guaranteed to Mexican and occupier folks. shoppers from Europe, Asia and USA additionally fire them and tattoo creative person from varied origins favour this vogue. Most illustrious Chicano creative persons square measure Californian masters Steve Soto and Jun Cha and additionally Italian illustrious tattoo artist Antonio Macko Todisco.Here square measure a number of the foremost common Chicano tattoo designs…


The Virgin female parent, Jesus and angels square measure so well representated however additionally the center with thorns, the praying hands and varied crosses, particularly the stripling cross, heritated from the gangs and tattooed between the index finger and thumb.


Either actual clowns with graffiti vogue or clown make-up on a cover girl, the thought remains an equivalent : simply keep smiling and cry within. it’s additionally usual to check tattoos with 2 comedy masks that illustrate the sentence ‘Laugh currently, cry later. Clowns also are related to games symbols standing for keeps gambling.


Girls square measure a very important a part of the Chicano art. Mexican girl or yankee icons like Monroe, illustrious actresses or singers, whenever you see an attractive lady, you’ll make certain that she has her Chicano tattoo, with gang tattoos on her … ladies square measure typically related to guns, skulls and bucks to symbolize success and the way short life is.

Low riders

Those renowned yankee cars square measure vital in chicano tattoos, moreover as in Chicano art normally.

100’s of Chicano Tattoo Design Ideas Pictures Gallery


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