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Detroit. The Motor metropolis. The town that has risen from the ashes and regenerated right into a cultural haven of artwork, range, communal engagement, [...]
Going to an interview with Tattoos – What to Wear?
So, you landed an interview on your dream process. you’ve got finished all of the studies you want to do to recognize about the enterprise. you [...]
Birdman Demands Respek
What began as a viral moment inside a rather-publicized, closely-memed verbal disagreement between cash money facts’ head honcho Birdman and the hosts of a [...]
Auckland Tattoo Festival
Auckland Tattoo conference – The Auckland Tattoo show was a watch opener. i have been attending tattoo conventions in [...]
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Tattoo Origin – REVIVAL THE TAHITIAN
Tattooing became an integral part of ancient Tahitian society. It changed into some distance extra than simply a bodily ornament. Tattoos would suggest a [...]
Featured Tattoo Artist – Kristen Sorrenson
Images via The Tattoo shop – Garage Ink 40 Browns Plains Rd Browns Plains, Queensland 4118 Australia Tattoo artists: Teneile Napoli Karlee Sabrina [...]
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Black Friday featured INK Artists: Laky Maksims Zotovs – Awesome artist!
The day called, “Black Friday,” is the Friday coming after Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. (the 4th Thursday in November). Since the mid 2000s, it [...]
Adam Levine’s New Tattoo!
via Instagram Adam Levine figured it was the ideal opportunity for a shiny new tattoo. What’s more, before you figure that it’s only a basic, [...]
Halloween Tattoos!
Halloween has generally been a period of festivity and superstition, landing on the eve of All Saints Day. A typical detachment in the middle of life and [...]
  Green Ink Animated Tattoo On Side   Mertle Turtle Animated Tattoo   Green Ink Alien Animated Tattoo On Shoulder   Animated Bird [...]
  Best Black Spiral Elbow Tattoo   Half Sleeve Color Ink Animated Alien Tattoo   Tikki Alien Tattoos Designs   Tribal And Shamrocks [...]
Adrian Peterson’s Tattoo
Adrian Peterson’s Tattoo
100’s of Mena Suvari Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery
100’s of Mena Suvari Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery
100’s of Brad Pitt Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery
Since it is Wednesday now is the right time for my week by week portion of Celebrity Tattoos. Not long from now I chose to run with Brad Pitt, [...]
Pink Tattoos (2)
100’s of Pink Tattoo Design Ideas Picture Gallery
Big names all around the globe have been getting tattoos so they can feel unique in relation to all the individuals around them. One of the numerous VIPs [...]